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A broodish Prince makes a second comeback?

After Ubisoft pulled Prince of Persia: Warrior Within from the App Store, thanks to some troubling problems with the game’s menu, the publisher has sprinkled some Sands o’ Time on the app, and returned to a time when the game was available to purchase. It came back with an update that not only fixes the menu, but also packs in an improved tutorial for those perplexed by Warrior Within’s rather deep combat system. The game features 12 chapters full of nasty sand monsters and giant boss enemies, all of which you’ll have to beat up on your journey.

You’ll also have to navigate the world, making tricky jumps and solving puzzles. We went hands on with the game a while back, and while some technical problems frustrated (which, if the app’s comments are anything to go by, don’t seem to have been fixed), the game did a pretty good job of squeezing a console game onto a phone. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is now firmly in place back on the App Store, and available for iPhone and iPod touch for £5.99 / $9.99 / €7.99.

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Last night Prince of Persia: Warrior Within was released on App Store for $9.99. Earlier today it was as pulled down. For those who managed to buy it before it was pulled saw why very quickly. After two minutes of play time buttons became grayed blocks and text was all over the place. These were just some of the bugs that plagued the new iPhone game.

The developer handling the port, GameLoft was made aware of the problems and are working as fast as they can to fix the bugs before a re-release within the next few days. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within was originally a console game released in 2004 by Ubisoft. The game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal. [IGN Wireless]

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With all the Prince of Persia hubbub floating about, it could be time to trace the game back to its awesome roots. Thankfully Ubisoft are offering a quick option, which is to nab the game for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad from iTunes (so many "i"s), for the ridiculously low price of AU$1.19.

The game has also been slightly touched up for the platforms (and is called Prince of Persia Retro), but maintains its original formula and gameplay, which is excellent news. If you've never dabbled in Jordan Mechner's original genius, now's the time.

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In what would appear to be a perfect storm of awesomeness comes a completely surprising release from Ubisoft. Earlier this month we posted some vague details on Prince of Persia Retro [99¢] based on a small blurb and a few screenshots found on the Ubisoft web site. And while I had high expectations of the game, given its classic roots, I never would have imagined that Ubisoft would not only push the game out as a universal iPhone/iPad title on day one, but also launch at 99¢.

In the game, you must save a princess from the evil Persian vizier, Jaffar. You have an hour to do it, and in between you and her are tons of enemies to fight and obstacles to overcome. My initial impressions of the game are positive so far, but like most games designed for physical controls then ported to the iPhone, I have found myself fat fingering some jumps and generally just making play mistakes because of the inherent inaccuracies of virtual controls.

App Store Link: Prince of Persia® Retro, $0.99

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Does anyone know where I can find Prince of Persia for gameboy color?
The one on nintendo and all them old systems :).
Also, does anyone know where I can get PoP merchandise(posters preferably)?



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