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The screenshot, which emerged on the official Ubisoft forums this weekend, makes reference to 'PoP Zero 2'. According to long-standing reports, 'PoP Zero' was a failed 2008 reinvention of the Prince of Persia series set in the modern era.

After the secret project was canned, many features and design ideas were said to have been incorporated into the original Assassin's Creed. The first whispers of a new 'Persia were voiced ahead of this year's E3, when supposedly leaked images appeared showing a cloaked figure and the phrase "Judgement is coming". The 'leaked' E3 pics appear to align with what we can see in today's image. We've contacted Ubisoft for comment. [SOURCE]
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Leaked images can prove to be massively informative or completely misleading, and the latest grabs of what looks to be a cinematic trailer from Ubisoft could go either way. Beyond some classical glimpses of armor and weaponry, it’s difficult to tell if the developer is preparing to unveil a new Prince of Persia title at E3 2012, or another entirely different property. Either way, it seems that ‘Judgment is Coming.’

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Okay. Hi. Big Prince of Persia fan. I just got POP4 for the 360 today - I'll draw some sort of humourous comic later today.
I noticed that there's a lot of people who hadn't played Sands of Time. Well, I am doing what's called a screencap-adventure of Sands of Time. What's a screencap adventure?
"It's just someone playing through a game, taking screenshots and providing commentary all the way through. As for the term "screencap adventure" for this, I just came up with that out of the blue for my screencappy posts and it stuck, so there you go. You can call your posts whatever you like (Screencapadoodle go nuts), as long as they have lots of screencappy goodness."

What I have so far is here.
And I can tell people at the community here when I update it, or you can keep an eye on my main journal.

Okay tired going to post art later play POP4 now
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I was wondering if anyone could provide me with a screen shot of the game where the text suggests that you "Avoid Rotating Knives"

I want to make an icon out of this ;^) IF anyone has an icon already made, I would gladly steal that (with credit, of course). Otherwise, I'll be making an icon, which then YOU could steal, if you so desired (with credit, of course ;^).

Many thanks!
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Most of us already know Farah will be returning for Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. And most of use have seen her concept art. But what does she look like in-game?

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She doesn't look like Farah very much does she? It is WIP though, so maybe they'll change something before the final product is released.


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