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Being a prince isn’t all about smiling at cameras all royal like, christening fancy boats, or whatever else princes do (seriously what do they do?) As in the case of 2004’s Prince of Persia Warrior Within from developer Ubisoft, sometimes you’ve got to fight off the immortal manifestation of Fate, as it tries to kill you for escaping your predestined death.

Thankfully this Prince isn’t at the mercy of this Final Destination-like scenario, he’s got some mean combat skills, along with duel weapon mastery to snuff the living (non-living?) daylights out of whatever nightmarish forces stand in his way. Oh, and the power to control time is fine too. And by fine I mean, amazingly cool.

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Update:  Amazon UK are also selling the Prince of Persia Trilogy for £17.99.

Original: As part of their Mega Monday sale, online retailing giant is currently retailing PoP trilogy for £17.99, for today onlyThe package includes all 3 adventures from the Sands of time series. If your wondering what the big deal was about the first game, this may be the package for you.

Although PoP the forgotten sands was a improvement from the first next gen POP game, the series has languished over the years. Lets hope Ubisoft fix this, as there is a lot of untapped potential.

The sale ends midnight, so be quick. Don’t forget, GAME is also having a huge sale today, so make sure you check that out too. [SOURCE]
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In a stealth announcement, Ubisoft’s revealed that The Prince of Perisa Trilogy, previously announced as a Blu-ray offering in Europe, is destined for a North American PSN release.

In fact, Prince of Persia The Sands of Time, the first installment, hits the service today. Not a mere port, it has been given a complete overhaul in the visual department, boasting sharp 720p renders with added 3D effects for those with a capable television.

Prince of Persia Warrior Within and Prince of Persia The Two Thrones, the remaining chapters to this time-rewinding trilogy, are scheduled to drop in a similarly staggered fashion “sometime in December.” Each title will carry a price point of $14.99, featuring the same enhancements as in Sands of Time. [SOURCE]
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‘Letters to Juliet,’ ‘Big Bang,’ ‘Glee’ among top-selling DVDs

Home video fans are clamoring for something new.  Nine out of the 10 top-selling discs in the week ending Sept. 19 are new releases, led by Walt Disney Studios' "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time," a family film that debuted No. 1 on all three charts.

According to Nielsen VideoScan sales data, "Prince" sold nearly twice as many copies its first week in stores as its nearest competitor, Summit Entertainment's "Letters to Juliet," which debuted at No. 2 on the First Alert sales chart.

Next in the line on the sales chart: the complete Season 3 set of acclaimed TV sitcom "The Big Bang Theory" from Warner, followed by the direct-to-video "Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale" from Universal Studios at No. 4 and "Glee: The Complete First Season" from 20th Century Fox at No. 5. Four other new releases, all but one a TV DVD season set, followed on the sales chart, bumping the previous week's top-seller, Lionsgate's "Killers" to No. 10.

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They were among the most anticipated titles of the year, yet according to new US sales data, all sold less than 200,000 copies in their month of release...

You may have noticed that the market research firm NPD Group has just released its list of US video game sales figures from May. While Rockstar's western adventure Red Dead Redemption lassoed 1.51 million passing gamers, Bizarre Creations' high octane racer Blur, Remedy's survival horror romp, Alan Wake and Ubisoft's athletic epic Prince of Persia: Forbidden Sands all sold less than 200,000 copies – some of them considerably less. According to trade news source MCV, Blur shifted just 31,000 copies in its first five days on American shelves, despite a big marketing push from publisher Activision, which saw the game as its Call of Duty for driving sims.

It's not as if these were awful titles. Blur has a Metacritic average of 82, Alan Wake is on 83 and PoP: Forgotten Sands does okay on 75. They were also given plenty of favourable pre-release coverage in the specialist press – you'd be hard-pushed to find a 'most anticipated games of 2010' list that didn't contain Alan Wake, and many had Blur and PoP in there too. They've also been produced by well-known development teams boasting plenty of cache with gamers.

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