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[Original Story] Hidden deep within the slides detailing Ubisoft's first-half 2010-11 financial report, the publisher revealed that its future digital download offerings will include the Prince of Persia trilogy and an unnamed Splinter Cell title [PDF].

A PS3-exclusive Prince of Persia trilogy package has already been confirmed for release in Europe, Middle East, Africa by Ubisoft [via Joystiq]; however, the financial report breakdown [PDF] notes each title in the prev-gen Prince of Persia series is also headed to the PSN. Could this be the Prince's way into North American homes?

There were also rumors of a Splinter Cell Trilogy making its way to the PS3; however, the slides only note a single, subtitle-less Splinter Cell game, so it's unclear exactly what the digital release will be.

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Why do films based on games always, well, suck? Game narrative might not be on the Tolstoy level, but even when they've clearly been tacked on in the final few months of development, the potential for great cinematic moments is there. So what's Hollywood's problem?

Scriptwriter Jordan Mechner was responsible for the first complete script of the recent (and, arguably, god awful) Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time film, and he's throwing it out there for your judgment. In a blog post on his website, Mechner is coolly neutral about his decision to post the 2005 script, stating simply that he is often asked how closely the film follows his original work.

Unlike Mechner, we don't have to work with Hollywood, and can enter into wild speculation as to how this promising film ended up with a Metacritic score of 50, despite nominally being based on one of the most intriguing game stories of the last decade. But we'll leave it to you; grab the .pdf here and have a virtual flick through. Some of the changes may surprise you, while others may leave you cynically vindicated.

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A broodish Prince makes a second comeback?

After Ubisoft pulled Prince of Persia: Warrior Within from the App Store, thanks to some troubling problems with the game’s menu, the publisher has sprinkled some Sands o’ Time on the app, and returned to a time when the game was available to purchase. It came back with an update that not only fixes the menu, but also packs in an improved tutorial for those perplexed by Warrior Within’s rather deep combat system. The game features 12 chapters full of nasty sand monsters and giant boss enemies, all of which you’ll have to beat up on your journey.

You’ll also have to navigate the world, making tricky jumps and solving puzzles. We went hands on with the game a while back, and while some technical problems frustrated (which, if the app’s comments are anything to go by, don’t seem to have been fixed), the game did a pretty good job of squeezing a console game onto a phone. Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is now firmly in place back on the App Store, and available for iPhone and iPod touch for £5.99 / $9.99 / €7.99.

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Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands has released for consoles, and Ubisoft is already releasing some free in-game goodies for players. The company has announced that two free skins are available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC owners.

The first skin is of Ezio, a character from Assassin’s Creed 2.You can access the Ezio skin by connecting while in-game to Uplay Win, Ubisoft’s online universe that allows gamers to purchase items, find help, share content, or win Ubisoft exclusives. Uplay exclusives are retrieved based upon units earned in different Ubisoft games, by accomplishing different actions. These two new skins however, will cost you nothing.

Players of The Forgotten Sands can access a free special second skin of Malik, the Prince’s brother, by texting PRINCE to 44144 (standard rates may apply). Another reward accessible through Uplay Win includes a special time attack arena mode. For more information about the UPlay service, or the free content available, visit Ubisoft’s UPlay website.



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