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A batch if icons, an fo banner and a calendar-and normal wallpaper for May to be found at my graphics' journal!!;)


icons and fo banner

calendar and wallpaper.

Hello :)

Feb. 10th, 2006 08:42 pm
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Hey there! Was told about this site by [livejournal.com profile] ladyithildiel  and thought I'd have a look here. Didn't knew there was a anotehr PoP site out here, :O I love PoP as well and have completet all the games except the second since it was too confusing in the end *blush* But I plann to do make it one day... :P

As Ithil has already told you about, she and I run a PoP rpg in LJ as well, :) , hope to see people pop inside there someday ;) Anyways, just wnated to say hi and share a little icon I've made... PoP only of course... ;) Ok enough for me! *slides into the shadows*


Icons )

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Just discovered this community yesterday; I had no idea there were other PoP fans in LJ, though I might have known better!;);)


Anyway...I have played and finished Sands of Time, almost finished Warrior Within-that I am currently playing again, since I was too busy last year to finish it and I don't feel like starting where I left off(feels sort of random,lol) and am finishing T2T, as well!;)Darn visier is giving me hell!*sulks*and I thought those twin bosses would be as bad as it would get,lol!!

And...on to the graphics!;)Not Dial-up friendly, I fear!

time is of the essence )

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I made one banner of Kaileena/the Empress of Time and one Sand Wraith icon. If you take it, please comment and credit.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Lots of banners. Some of Star Wars, but most of PoP. Enjoy! You know the rules:)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Don't be fooled by the teaser, there ARE PoP banners )


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