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Oh, videogames, how we love your stories that lift up our spirit and at the same time let us beam it down to the ground by means of an ion cannon. One could say the Writers Guild of America acknowledges this with its announcement for the 2011 WGA Awards nominees for videogame writing, a category that first appeared in 2008.

Then again, this year's nominees are: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Fallout: New Vegas, God of War III, Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Singularity and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II. You have to keep in mind that this is based on submitted scripts for videogames -- not on actual in-game writing analysis or whatnot -- but even so, some of these titles seem like odd choices, to say the least.

Here's the full list of credits for each nominee:
  • Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, Story by Patrice Desilets, Jeffrey Yohalem, Corey May; Lead Script Writer: Jeffrey Yohalem; Script Writers: Ethan Petty, Nicholas Grimwood, Matt Turner; Ubisoft
  • Fallout: New Vegas, Creative Design Lead/Lead Writer: John Gonzalez; Writers: Chris Avellone, Eric Fenstermaker, Travis Stout; Additional Writing: Tess Treadwell, George Ziets, Jason Bergman, Nick Breckon, Matt Grandstaff, Will Noble, Andrew Scharf; Bethesda Softworks
  • God of War III, Written by Marianne Krawcyzk; Additional Writing by Stig Asmussen, Ariel Lawrence, William Weissbaum; Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, Writer: Benjamin McCaw; Story Dialogue Editor: Marianne Krawczyk; Ubisoft
  • Singularity, Written by Marc Guggenheim, Lindsey Allen, Emily Silver; Additional Story and Writing: Jason Henderson, Adam Foshko, Michael Cassutt; Story and Script Consultant: Adam Foshko; Activision
  • Star Wars: The Force Unleashed II, Executive Producer-Writer: Haden Blackman; In-Game Script: David Collins, John Stafford, Cameron Suey; Additional Writing: Tid Cooney, Ian Dominguez, Tony Rowe; LucasArts

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For the past six days (since August 19th), my sister and I have dedicated pretty much every other waking hour to playing The Forgotten Sands since buying at $20.00 @ TARGET and in my honest opinion it's been worth every pretty penny I spent. I was really expecting to be disappointed by it, but Ubisoft appears to have actually put a little more effort into this installment and it shows. I'm impressed, especially by the storyline (who cares if it resembles Sands of Time in it's structure. I don't. IIABDFI*). This is the game that should've came out after The Sands of Time if Ubisoft hadn't been so freaking concerned with sales.

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While the Wii might not be doing too well in the market (with titles mostly focusing on family and group interaction games); it’s not a console that you can actually overlook. Sure it did great in 2009, and sure it does ok now, but with the PSMove and Microsoft’s Kinect slated to release soon, Wii is definitely going to have a lot of competition soon. The point over here is, the Wii is a great console to have, especially during those family get-togethers and birthday parties!

So here’s some games that have been good on Wii. These games are not meant for groups only, but can also be played all by yourself.

Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands
The title for Wii owners to be proud of. Ubisoft’s second title in the POP series for the Wii, The Forgotten Sands is a revival for the Prince Of Persia and a good one at that. Even though there has been a lot of criticism regarding the camera angles and combat sequences. It still deserves to be on our list for its graphics and gameplay, and also for Wii owners who are Prince Of Persia fans!

Wasn't there a rumor or something that stated you could play as the Djinn in the Wii version of The Forgotten Sands?

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They were among the most anticipated titles of the year, yet according to new US sales data, all sold less than 200,000 copies in their month of release...

You may have noticed that the market research firm NPD Group has just released its list of US video game sales figures from May. While Rockstar's western adventure Red Dead Redemption lassoed 1.51 million passing gamers, Bizarre Creations' high octane racer Blur, Remedy's survival horror romp, Alan Wake and Ubisoft's athletic epic Prince of Persia: Forbidden Sands all sold less than 200,000 copies – some of them considerably less. According to trade news source MCV, Blur shifted just 31,000 copies in its first five days on American shelves, despite a big marketing push from publisher Activision, which saw the game as its Call of Duty for driving sims.

It's not as if these were awful titles. Blur has a Metacritic average of 82, Alan Wake is on 83 and PoP: Forgotten Sands does okay on 75. They were also given plenty of favourable pre-release coverage in the specialist press – you'd be hard-pushed to find a 'most anticipated games of 2010' list that didn't contain Alan Wake, and many had Blur and PoP in there too. They've also been produced by well-known development teams boasting plenty of cache with gamers.

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PART ONE: Disney's massive summer blockbuster wannabe The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time opens everywhere today, and let's face the facts: you're probably going to go see this movie, despite our own scathing review. We understand. Sometimes you just have to see these things for yourself. Or maybe you're inexorably drawn to Jake Gyllenhaal's oiled pecs, or Gemma Arteron's ... everything. Just don't tell us that we didn't warn you.

But Prince of Persia first debuted as a video game in 1989, which means that many of the people that will be dragging their parents with them to multiplexes this weekend don't even know the rich video game history behind this franchise, and I refuse to stand idly by and let them think the name just means a movie starring the guy who didn't make it as Spider-Man. With that, I give you our Prince of Persia Primer. Go ahead, soak it in... [READ MORE]

PART TWO: Memorial Day weekend isn't over yet, and that means some of you still have time to catch Disney's swashbuckling The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time in theaters. But did you know what brought us up to this point? In our first part of this guide, we covered everything from the classic 1989 Prince of Persia, all the way up to the trilogy relaunch from Ubisoft a few years ago. But, Jordan Mechner's creation didn't stop there. There were more games, and even other creations, yet to come...[READ MORE]


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