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Worth rewinding time for?

Once upon a time, Ubisoft released a game called Prince of Persia: Sands of Time and everybody loved it. Or at least, everyone who played it did, though that wasn't nearly as many people as Ubisoft would have liked, apparently. And so begins the story of the PS2-era Prince of Persia trilogy, now given a fresh lick of hi-def paint and a new, conveniently-downloadable form factor (unless you want to buy it on one of those old-fangled things from the shops).

Yes, Prince of Persia Trilogy: HD Collection has finally reached Europe, where it languishes seductively on store shelves and the PlayStation Network. And what do we make of this most recent 'remastering'? Well, it's something of a mixed bag, truth be told, with lacklustre presentation the biggest bugbear in this otherwise generous package.

Things don't start off too promisingly, with Sands of Time - the first and most beloved entry in the series - bursting forth onto the screen in a mix of razor-sharp upscaled polygons and a smeary mess of lo-res interface elements. Sure, it's easy to bemoan what's clearly a budget release on Ubisoft's part, but it's hard not to be slightly disappointed when even the game's title screen logo is a barely comprehensible smudge of pixels closely resembling something Pac-Man might puke up after a night on the tiles.

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A great retro game at a great price.

Just as Prince of Persia unspools in theaters across the country this weekend, Ubisoft shuffles the game that started it all on to the App Store. Prince of Persia Retro is a pixel-perfect port of the 1989 original. You must escape a dungeon within an hour in order to stop the evil vizier from marrying the princess. Prince of Persia was and remains a landmark game. While I appreciate the retro look, I do wish iPhone and iPad gamers also had a crack at Gameloft's Xbox Live Arcade refresh. The game itself remained the same, but the updated visuals are excellent.

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