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Okay. Hi. Big Prince of Persia fan. I just got POP4 for the 360 today - I'll draw some sort of humourous comic later today.
I noticed that there's a lot of people who hadn't played Sands of Time. Well, I am doing what's called a screencap-adventure of Sands of Time. What's a screencap adventure?
"It's just someone playing through a game, taking screenshots and providing commentary all the way through. As for the term "screencap adventure" for this, I just came up with that out of the blue for my screencappy posts and it stuck, so there you go. You can call your posts whatever you like (Screencapadoodle go nuts), as long as they have lots of screencappy goodness."

What I have so far is here.
And I can tell people at the community here when I update it, or you can keep an eye on my main journal.

Okay tired going to post art later play POP4 now
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Have played the first 2 Prince of Persia games on PS2 and love them both and was looking for somewhere to chat about it with like minded people.

Hopefully I have found it!

I think that I preferred Warrior Within, and have heard the Two Thrones is similar to Sands of Time.

What games do people prefer?

Also, looking through these posts and it seems they are making a Prince of Persia film. By the sounds of the description they aren't keeping to the game story line as I though that main idea if SoT was to make everything OK and not mainly to stop the baddie!

Anyway, hi everyone!

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Hi im new here and I was wondering if any one knows where I can download the cut scene in SOT and WW(havent played TT yet). The main reason I wont them is because I like to make videos so I would really be greatful if someone could upload them.
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I was wondering if anyone could provide me with a screen shot of the game where the text suggests that you "Avoid Rotating Knives"

I want to make an icon out of this ;^) IF anyone has an icon already made, I would gladly steal that (with credit, of course). Otherwise, I'll be making an icon, which then YOU could steal, if you so desired (with credit, of course ;^).

Many thanks!
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I just finished The Two Thrones today and i just wanted to find a community or something, cuz i love this game series so much!

It's SO friggin' compelling! The compulsion to continue going through the puzzles and all that was almost overwhelming!

My girlfriend went to bed at 3:44am, and i figured i'd just need 15 more minutes to get to the next save point ... then the next ... then the next ... i was there til 5:30am!

But i beat this game on the 3rd day i got it! Since my birthday April 1st! I've never done that with a game ... played it and beat it in only 3 days on the first time ever playing it! Is it that this game is even shorter than Sands of Time? Or do i just have a Prince Eye for the Persian Guy? That i can spot all the traps and platforms and possible exits so much faster and easier, and i know HOW to look for them and what to look for, that i was able to finish the game using all i had learned from the previous?

That's my question, too ... people always say the Two Thrones isn't as long as Warrior Within, but is it shorter than Sands of Time? It sure felt that way! But again, is it just because i've been playing SoT and WW a few times in the last few months in anticipation of TTT, that i've just become a natural?

Has this happened to any of you, too?


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