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MY SISTER AND I recently purchased the HD remake of the "POP Trilogy"; playing Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time really got me thinking about an issue that's been brought up constantly in regards to this particular game. The Combat/Battle Mechanics. For all the praise SOT has gotten, the biggest problem everyone appeared to have with it was the combat. And as two people who've never really thought to complain or take issue with it (either because we don't know any better or just plain never saw it as a problem), it strikes us as, well, weird.

For the literal ten years we've played this game, we've experienced no problems with the fighting mechanics like we've had with the platforming (i.e., The Prince responding at the last second and missing the ledge/pole and falling to his death when we press, tap, "caress" or mash the x button). He always responded accordingly, did what we wanted and typically never did anything stupid unless it was a error made on our part. It's probably one of our favorite aspects of the game despite acknowledging that the combat system does indeed improve tremendously in games like The Two Thrones or Forgotten Sands. but why exactly is/was it awful to everyone else?
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If Farah had been chosen to star in the 2010 adaption of Sands of Time (or was a possible character in the would-be sequel to said film) instead of Taminia, which actress would you cast to play her?
When answering this question keep in mind the ethnicity of character
(actresses of the Caucasian kind wouldn't work).
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For the past six days (since August 19th), my sister and I have dedicated pretty much every other waking hour to playing The Forgotten Sands since buying at $20.00 @ TARGET and in my honest opinion it's been worth every pretty penny I spent. I was really expecting to be disappointed by it, but Ubisoft appears to have actually put a little more effort into this installment and it shows. I'm impressed, especially by the storyline (who cares if it resembles Sands of Time in it's structure. I don't. IIABDFI*). This is the game that should've came out after The Sands of Time if Ubisoft hadn't been so freaking concerned with sales.

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It seems strange that filmmakers would not have much extra footage these days, when scenes can be shot digitally and the price of film is not a factor. But that is what Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time director Mike Newell is saying about the possibility of extra footage on the upcoming Blu-ray Disc and DVD releases.

Via Home Media Magazine, Newell says he added layers upon layers into the theatrical release the film, rather than cutting footage out, because that is how a Jerry Bruckheimer film (the film’s producer) would be made. However, Newell responded to the lack of deleted and extra footage saying, “we always add things that are fun and interesting for you guys to look at.”

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